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The Selous Mbega Camp Kisaki Annex set atop a hill looking at the Selous Game Reserve as well as the Uluguru Mountains, built in 2010, is the extension to our operations within the Selous Game Reserve, and is set up near the village of Kisaki and the Matambwe Gate, the North- western gate to the Reserve. The Kisaki Annex offers mainly Game Drives to the Hot Springs and the Grave of Frederick Courtney Selous as well as Walking Safaris to Kisaki Village as a cultural trip. Both of our camps can be combined very well in our MBEGA SPECIAL SAFARI in order to give you the fullest Selous Game Reserve expierence. 

SELOUS MBEGA CAMP (the Kisaki Annex) on a hilltop near to the Matambwe Gate, North-western entrance of the SELOUS GAME RESERVE. The new addition from June 2010 to the exisiting Selous Mbega Camp along the Rufiji River near to the Mtemere Gate, Selous Game Reserve, will be the SELOUS MBEGA CAMP KISAKI ANNEX, located on the opposite side of the Selous Game Reserve at the Matambwe Gate near the village of Kisaki.


The Kisaki Annex is placed in order to extend the Selous experience when coming from the Southern safari circuit of Mikumi National Park, Udzungwa Mountains and the Ruaha National Park, via Morogoro and the Uluguru Mountains. Also we wish to continue offering the Train connection to the Selous Game Reserve, and thus are placed well near to the Kisaki Station of the TAZARA Railroad to pick up any guests arriving by Train.

By Train: A 5 to 6 hour trip from Dar es Salaam TAZARA (Tanzania Zambia Railroad) station to the Kisaki station near the Selous Game Reserve where you will be picked up by a vehicle from the Selous Mbega Camp KISAKI ANNEX.

TAZARA TRAIN SCHEDULE from Dar es Salaam to Kisaki:

Tuesday Express Train Dar es Salaam departure 15:50. Arrives 20:03 at Kisaki. Friday Ordinary Train Dar es Salaam departure 13:50. Arrives 19:00 at Kisaki.

The Selous Mbega Camp Kisaki Annex is situated on a hilltop facing the Uluguru Mountains and over looking the Selous Game Reserve lowlands. The camp is 4 kms away from Kisaki village and Kisaki Station and is 17 kms from the North- western entrance Matambwe Gate in the Selous Game Reserve. The border of the Selous Game Reserve passes just behind the camp area. The camp will start operating with five tents just like the ones in the main camp along the Rufiji River, as well as a Bar and Restaurant area. A camping area will also be set up to cater for campers coming from Morogoro via Uluguru Mountains.

The prices will be the same for Full board Accommodation and Safaris as with the Main Camp. Please note that at the Kisaki Annex only Game Drives and Walking Safaris will be offered, Boat Safaris can only be done at the Main Camp on the Rufiji River.  Kisaki Village is famous throughout history dating back to the end of the 18th Century as an Arabic slave hunters town. In the beginning of the 19th Century Kisaki became the main trade town where trade routes from the inland exchanged their goods with the trade routes going to Bagamoyo and Zanzibar.

In 1858 the explorers Richard Francis Burton and John Hanning Speke came through Kisaki on their way to Lake Victoria. At that time the town was still a main trading post. At the end of the 19th Century however the slave trade was abolished and thus Kisaki lost its trade post appeal.


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